SelectingSuper Fund Quality Assessments

A SelectingSuper Fund Quality Assessment is an independent review of a superannuation fund's quality. Successful funds achieve AAA status, which means that they have demonstrated high quality across all operational levels and delivery components to members. SelectingSuper Fund Quality Assessments are available to all superannuation and retirement product providers.

The Assessments examine, analyse, review and compare superannuation and retirement products, and give a clear indication of its market position against a range of criteria including organisational strength, administration, communications, investment performance, insurance and extra services.

The following points outline how SelectingSuper differentiates in the market:

  • SelectingSuper is 100% independent and do not receive rebates or special considerations for favorable assessments.
  • We have been researching Australia's superannuation industry since 1992 and have the most comprehensive historical research database in the country.
  • We conduct our assessments across ALL market segments and the largest range of superannuation funds in Australia. This includes; Corporate, Government, Retail and Industry Funds.
  • We assess funds against our proprietary benchmarks, across net investment performance, group insurance, fees, extra services and administration.
  • We are the only researcher that offers comprehensive business, employer and consumer channels to promote your fund's products.
  • We provide a range of research services for quick access to market and competitor information.

For more information:

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