Best of Breed - Global Research and Investment Programme

In our world of financial services, the need to fully understand offshore & alternate investments is now an essential element in every portfolio. Given that Australia has less than 2% of the world market, researchers & financial professionals within Australia are continually looking for ways to be better equipped when researching products or preparing a client's portfolio.

The "Best of Breed" Global Research & Investment program has been conducted since 2000.

The aim of the "Best of Breed" Global Research & Investment Program ("BOB") is to provide financial services professionals with an opportunity to meet with a select group of investment managers and senior industry experts offshore. The program offers an invaluable opportunity to share information, knowledge, insights and expertise amongst global colleagues & experts across the global financial services community.

Whilst it may be true that Australia is at the leading edge of financial services, "BOB" takes participants into a "hands on" global environment to further expand the knowledge of our global industry.

For research analysts, the program covers global investment with a variety of investment style fund managers including boutique and alternate managers and is intended to form the basis of a fund manager review.

For industry professionals, the program provides a wide variety of business related sessions within the global financial services fraternity. Where possible "Best of Breed" incorporates industry conferences to coincide with the program.

Who would benefit?

  • Research Analysts, Dealer Group Researchers and fund of fund Researchers
  • Senior Financial Advisers
  • Industry Consultants
  • Fund Manger Representatives

Key areas

  • "Best of Breed" has developed a strong link with key people within the financial services industry acting as the nexus to the overall program.
  • Each "BOB" program is designed to provide specific information and tools relevant to current investment & industry issues. The agenda is essentially driven by both fund managers & researchers as requested.
  • Research analysts should have access to key members of investment teams & senior management to discuss investment capabilities & processes.
  • Provision of a forum to discuss complex issues & the opportunity for "private" breakout sessions" for those participants wishing to ask proprietary questions.
  • The opportunity to define discussion topics from participants prior to departure from Australia.
  • Network with fellow travellers at the "Meet & Greet" evening prior to departure.
  • Relevant agenda material will be sent to participants prior to departure.
  • Travel with fellow financial services professionals.
  • The opportunity for Fund manager representatives to join in and further build relationships with participants.
  • Working with our team to achieve your desired outcome.
  • Most importantly be part of a program the professionals choose

For the Fund Manager: The "Best of Breed Global Investment & Research Programme" provides an opportunity to present your companies, industry experts who traditionally would not make the journey to Australia for small group meetings. For further information on sponsorship of this programme please call or email.

For more information:
Email    Phone  +61 2 8234 7500
For event sponsorship enquiries:
Email         Phone  +61 2 8234 7552

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