FSiTV - a turnkey multimedia solution

FS iTV is a medium that enables communication of any material as a combined visual and audio display using a range of state of the art technology to be delivered over the web. It is a way to create and share information whilst maintaining integrity in the delivery of the information. It is a flexible, efficient way to reach a target audience in a timely cost effective way. There is no waste of any resources.

There are no boundaries with FS iTV, particularly relating to geography, time and creativity.

FS iTV is a turnkey learning and development solution. We will help you create the content that best meets your requirements, from conception, to distribution. We offer complete production, hosting, content development and online tracking capabilities. You can create custom programs for your target audience. You decide how your program is distributed and who becomes your audience.

For more information:
Email  info@rainmaker.com.au          Phone  +61 2 8234 7500           Web  www.fsitv.com
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