Rainmaker's range of professional data solutions takes away the difficult job of maintaining data, freeing up resources to focus on core company activities and analysis.

Rainmaker provides unique and secure solutions in data transferal, cleansing, enrichment and inter-connectivity between business systems and technology platforms. Access Rainmaker's institutional, wholesale and superannuation datasets to enhance your own market and competitive analysis.

Data and CRM security


Encryption and data security is at the core of all data and CRM offerings


Data solutions can be tailored to provide financial advice, superannuation and investment management data sets.
Data and CRM time management

Time management

Spend more time on marketing and business development, and less time on data management
Data feeds

Data feeds

Rainmaker Information's data feeds enable the automated transferal of data sets from the Rainmaker database to a third party.

Feeds can be provided for data relating to superannuation funds, retirement and superannuation products, managed funds, technical resources, institutional mandates, accounts, contacts, AFSL data and more.

As data feed services are bespoke, Rainmaker can work with your team to offer a solution that meets your needs.

CRM Integration

CRM Integration

Connect your existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software and database to Rainmaker's verified and managed dataset of advisers, practices and AFSLs.

Integrating your CRM with Rainmaker's database is a secure way to clean your existing and duplicate data, fill in gaps and populate it with information currently outside of the visibility of your database.

CRM integrations intelligently merge data into your database without overwriting your up-to-date information. This ensures your team can have greater confidence in the accuracy of the database ahead of marketing and business development campaigns.

Platform sales and FUM reports

Platform sales and FUM reports

Platform sales reports are made available by connecting your CRM and sales reporting to Rainmaker's adviser database.

Reports are then provided to give you a consolidated view of your sales by adviser, practice, licensee, group, platform and by asset class or product.

Platform sales and FUM reports allow you to conduct targeted sales analysis alongside a relevant industry backdrop, providing monthly and year to date inflow, outflows and net flows as well as and funds under management reports.

Share of Wallet platform sales

Share of Wallet

The Share of Wallet functionality is an add on for RainmakerLive Wholesale subscribers.

This upgrade provides data from Rainmaker's platform sales and FUM reports, which is then populated in RainmakerLive, providing digestible tables and graphs that easily identify sales trends from financial advisers up to AFSL views.

Additionally, with Share of Wallet being housed in RainmakerLive, subscribers can view sales data, which is directly linked to a financial advice industry dataset of contacts and accounts, providing additional support for business development intelligence.

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