Rainmaker's range of professional data solutions takes away the difficult job of maintaining data, freeing up resources to focus on core company activities

Funds management research
All data is kept up to date by our specialist data team.
Data cleansing
With a large variety of information, data feeds can be tailored to suit your analysis.
Data experience
Data experience
Rainmaker has more than 25 years of wealth management data and experience.
Data feeds

Data feeds

Rainmaker's data feeds enable bespoke and automated transferral of data sets from the Rainmaker database to a third party.

This includes data relating to superannuation funds, retirement and superannuation products, managed funds, technical resources, accounts, contacts and more.

The data can then be used for your own market and competitive analysis.

DMI Systems

Data Management & Integrity (DMI) systems

DMI Systems provides unique solutions in data cleansing, enrichment and inter-connectivity between business systems and technology platforms.

By establishing a link to an actively maintained central database, as well as linking our clients' important in-house and external data, DMI systems provides a very powerful and very cost-effective business tool.

Find a data solution to match your needs
Contact our Business Development team for more information and to book a data feed or DMI Systems consultation.
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