Consistent and top-performing investment managers and superannuation funds are independently assessed and awarded using Rainmaker's data and research experience.

Investment awards

Excellence recognised industry-wide

Rainmaker's logos are recognised industry-wide as a sign of trust and investment expertise.
Fund management ratings

Comprehensive assessment

Rainmaker assesses the entire market but awards only the best wealth management organisations.
Independent research


Rainmaker's research is quantitatively-based and objective.
Rainmaker SelectingSuper AAA Quality Assessment

AAA Quality Assessment

The SelectingSuper AAA Quality Assessment logo has been a symbol of excellence among superannuation funds for more than two decades.

To achieve the AAA standard, each superannuation product is reviewed on an ongoing basis, rated across a range of benchmarks including organisational strength, administration, communications, investment mix, investment performance, fees, charges, investment processes, insurances and extra services offered.

When considering a superannuation offering, members, employers and advisers should look for funds that have this logo in their PDS and marketing communications.

Financial Standard Investment Leadership Awards

Investment Leadership Awards

The Investment Leadership Awards recognise investment strategies that showcase the qualities investors look for in an investment manager.

The awards identify investment managers with the best and most consistent long, medium and short term investment returns that are blended with the most efficient investment risk management outcomes.

The winners and finalists are determined by Rainmaker's quantitative research that equally weights performance factors and risk measures. The strategies are separated by asset classes as well as how much risk they take in pursuit of their goals.

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