Rainmaker Mandate Chaser Report

Rainmaker Mandate Chaser Report is designed for fund managers to 'chase' down potential mandate appointments. The report describes strategic trends in the institutional investment market by examining which organisations are awarding mandates, which asset consultant was involved for particular mandates, and listing potential upcoming mandates for review.

The scope of the report is focused on wholesale investment mandates sourced from superannuation funds, fund managers and implemented consultants through primary sources. The report is published quarterly and can be purchased as a 12 month subscription service.

The report highlights the potential mandate opportunities for investment managers, including:

  • Investment Mandate Movements across Market Segment and Asset Class
  • Managers Winning the most Mandates by Asset Class
  • Super Funds awarding the Most Mandates by number and size
  • The 270 largest Mandates for potential review by Super Funds, Fund Managers and Implemented Consultants

All sorted by investment type, allowing investment managers to target mandate opportunities in specific asset class, investment styles or client sector.

For more information:

Email  info@rainmaker.com.au        Phone +61 2 8234 7500        
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