Fund Management in Australia Market Entry Report

The Fund Management in Australia: Market Entry Report was written specifically, but not exclusively, for overseas based investment managers wanting to access the $1.7 trillion Australian wealth management market.

With current mandated superannuation of 9.5% of employee income and a proposed mandated increase to 12%, the world's fourth largest superannuation market has never looked so attractive.

The report describes the structure of the market including;

  • The History of Australian Superannuation
  • The Growth outlook for the fourth largest pension fund market
  • The key market participants and how to access them
  • Specific business opportunities
  • Important legal and compliance issues for offshore investment managers to consider

The scope of the research included in the report was the pension market, known in Australia as superannuation, mutual funds, known in Australia as managed funds, platforms and financial advisory groups.

Target Audience includes;

  • Overseas based Investment Managers
  • Boutique domestic Investment Managers
  • Implemented consultants
  • Asset consultants
  • Service providers
  • Industry spectators
  • Industry associations

The report has been proudly sponsored by Perpetual Corporate Trust, MainstreamBPO and Ernst & Young.

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