Industry intelligence

Rainmaker Information was founded in 1992 and has established a reputation as a leading provider of research and information about the Australian financial services industry.

Rainmaker gathers and generates in-depth marketing intelligence that is supplemented with industry research, professional learning resources, data and news feeds.

These resources can be accessed through Rainmaker's purpose-built RainmakerLive terminal. Rainmaker also provides consulting services, including bespoke solutions.

Rainmaker produces objective, analytical and strategic information about the financial services industry, which is predominantly utilised by investment managers, superannuation funds, financial advice groups and individuals.

The Rainmaker Information difference

Australian wealth management research


Access the most comprehensive research and data on the Australian wealth management landscape.

Independent finance research


All data that is analysed and formed into research is independently assessed in a quantitative manner.

Rainmaker Training


Rainmaker partners with clients to ensure our products and research enable their long-term success.