Exchange Traded Products
Exchange Traded Products
21 exchange traded products launched over the last year.
Investment Products
Investment Products
Median return of property funds three years to April 2020 was 0.9% p.a.
Investment Mandates
1,109 investment mandates were appointed in the three years to December 2019.

Providing leading competitive intelligence and performance insights on Australia's investment management sector.

Rainmaker Information has been gathering data and producing research on Australia's multi-trillion dollar investment management market since 1992. Rainmaker's emphasis on having the deepest and broadest datasets is at its core, which is coupled with the most up-to-date collection and management technologies. These will ensure you remain on top of markets movements and influencers, including mandates, performance data and decision makers, which are supported by Rainmaker's specialised research and reports.

Products about investment management

RainmakerLive institutional
RainmakerLive provides a variety of tools that provide competitive intelligence about the wholesale and institutional markets, analysing performance, mandates, monetary flows and more.
Rainmaker Information Advantage, Roundup and vantage point reports
Research reports
The Rainmaker Roundup Report has been providing a wealth of knowledge on the growth trends, asset classes and flows within investment management since 1997 and is supported by the ETP, Advantage and Mandate Chaser reports.
Rainmaker data
Data solutions
Direct feeds of investment products, performance, asset allocation, FUM and more are capabilities of Rainmaker's data solutions, providing real-time market intelligence on the investment landscape.
Financial Standard Investment Leadership Awards
Rainmaker assesses investment managers through the Financial Standard Investment Leadership Awards, recognising leading investment managers across asset classes and investment methods.
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