Rainmaker Research Update: Superannuation returns

Superannuation fees


$29.6 billion in superannuation fees were paid in FY 19/20.
Insurance in Superannuation


The average default superannuation cover is $234,000.
Superannuation performance


Median MySyper single strategy returns for the year to July 2020 was -0.9%.

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Rainmaker Information was established in 1992, the same year as the superannuation guarantee. Rainmaker analyses and compares performance, fees and insurance within superannuation, assisting superannuation funds with Prudential Standard SPS 515 Strategic Planning and Member Outcomes compliance, as required by APRA. With a mass of data surrounding super, Rainmaker's products clarify movements in the industry or within specific funds such as asset allocation, analysis of returns, mandate movements, people movements, fee comparisons and more.

Products about the superannuation industry
RainmakerLive Superannuation


RainmakerLive details asset allocation, performance, membership, FUM, account and contact information about Australian superannuation funds, whilst exploring their relationships with other financial sectors.
Superannuation research

Research Reports

Like the Superannuation Guarantee, Rainmaker was established in 1992. Since then it has been providing detailed insights and research on superannuation through the Benchmarking, Mandate Chaser, Roundup and MySuper reports.


SelectingSuper provides members, employers and financial advisers with information about the performance, features and mechanics of superannuation, while also assessing funds through ratings and awards programs.
Rainmaker SelectingSuper AAA Quality Assessment Rating

Ratings and Awards

Superannuation funds are assessed through the AAA Quality Assessment program and the Rainmaker SelectingSuper Awards. The awards compare and award leading super funds and service providers across asset classes, market segments and MySuper divisions.
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