Gain fast and reliable access to market updates and intelligence within superannuation.

RainmakerLive is Australia's integrated knowledge management terminal, enabling a new perspective into the superannuation market place. Gain access to performance data alongside fees, insurance and extra benefits across the industry. This leading information will assist RSEs with their annual SPS 515 compliance.

An integrated terminal for superannuation benchmarking and intelligence.

RainmakerLive allows you to access up-to-date research, competitive intelligence and comparison tools.
SPS 515 benchmarking


Ensure your benchmarking requirements are being met for Prudential Standard SPS 515 for Strategic Planning and Member Outcomes.
Superannuation performance


Understand the impact that your investments are having on performance and volatility, relative to competition.
Superannuation marketing


Identify your unique selling proposition across performance, volatility, fees, insurance and extra benefits metrics.
RainmakerLive for Super Funds
Expand your superannuation insights
With custom performance reports, industry recognised research reports and tools to help make sense of a competitive market place, RainmakerLive for Super Funds will transform your research and data capabilities.
Aggregated tools to streamline your superannuation research
Asset allocations

Asset allocations

Access current and historical asset allocations for superannuation funds, products and investment options.
Superannuation and retirement products

Superannuation and retirement products

Access a comprehensive list of products with their data, including investment options, performance fees, asset allocations, insurance premiums, product features, quality assessments and more.
Customised reports

Customised reports

Access a digital archive of customised or commissioned reports including market and competitor analysis and performance benchmarking.


Streamline your research with a range of integrated software that allows you to compare, save, report, export, analyse, tabulate, filter, search and manage alerts.
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