Managed Accounts

Managed Accounts

Funds under advice (FUA) increased by 16.3% in the year to end September 2023

Model Portfolios Australia

Model Portfolios

50% of the fastest growing platforms are managed accounts or offer model portfolios.

Financial adviser platform usage

Financial adviser usage

The average adviser uses six different investment platforms

Leading analysis of Australia's platform and managed account providers among financial advisers and investors.

Rainmaker assesses the Australian platform and managed accounts market, investigating the platforms that are being used by financial advisers as well as analysing the capital flows across these administration tools.

As part of the platforms market, Rainmaker assesses wraps, portfolio services, separately managed accounts (SMAs), managed discretionary accounts (MDAs), Investor Directed Portfolio Services (IDPS), master trusts, Exchange Traded Products (ETPs) and more.

Rainmaker's research identifies changes and trends in the platform market and their impacts on financial advisers, AFSLs, superannuation funds and investment managers.

Exploring platforms and managed accounts
RainmakerLive Wholesale

Identify platform usage among advisers, funds under management in managed accounts, ETPs, master trusts and more, plus, explore the account, product and contact level details of platform providers.

Research reports
Research Reports

The Wholesale Advantage Report has provided key platform insights since 2002. The report explores market share amongst advisers, asset consultants and investment managers as well as funds under advice across platforms. The report is complemented by the Financial Adviser Report.

Data and CRM Solutions
Data and CRM Solutions

Platform insights can be provided directly to you through Rainmaker's data solutions. Investment managers can access platform sales reports by flows and FUA across practices, AFSLs, adviser groups, asset classes and more.

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