RainmakerLive training

In-person training

In-depth, face-to-face training is available with our client services team. Training sessions can be tailored depending on your subscription level, goals and experience with the products.

Group booking sessions can be provided, with training available Monday to Friday, during business hours.

Online training

Online training with our client services team is a convenient way to learn more about your subscription. Group sessions are available, which will ensure all subscribers can run-through the product features and maximise their value from it.

Training is available Monday to Friday, during business hours.

RainmakerLive online training
RainmakerLive Advanced Training

Advanced training

Subscribers and subscription administrators can access advanced training sessions with the client services team. Advanced training sessions will allow you to become an expert, capable of passing on knowledge to your own colleagues so they can best utilise the product.

Training is available Monday to Friday, during business hours.

Find a solution to match your needs
Assistance and training is available to subscribers of RainmakerLive, Rainmaker's research reports, data solutions, ratings and SelectingSuper. You can also book a consultation to learn more about the product range before you subscribe.
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