Identifying the best superannuation funds

SelectingSuper celebrates the best superannuation funds in Australia. A rigorous research and ratings program awards funds the AAA Quality Assessment and recognises excellence through the Rainmaker SelectingSuper Awards each November. The SelectingSuper website and app as well as The Good Super Guide are educational tools for members and are a convenient platform for funds to showcase their offerings to consumers, financial advisers and employers.

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SelectingSuper has been a trusted source of superannuation information for almost 20 years.

The Good Super Guide

SelectingSuper's The Good Super Guide is a comprehensive annual print and digital resource for those interested in superannuation offerings and information.

The guide's is powered by Rainmaker Information's extensive data and research. It covers all vital elements for understanding superannuation, including fees, returns, insurance, MySuper, investments and tax. It also shows consumers how to compare products.

The guide is available in newsagents and bookstores and is also distributed to employers and advisers.

The Good Super Guide
Profiles in The Good Super Guide


Superannuation funds can showcase product offerings to members, financial advisers and employers by including their profile in The Good Super Guide, which is leveraged digitally through the SelectingSuper app and website.

The profile provides detailed information of a fund to the 17% of Australians who change superannuation funds each year, as well as for their advisers. Having a profile will ensure your fund is a part of the conversation during the decision-making process.



The SelectingSuper website and The Good Super Guide offer advertising placements so you can promote your fund or service to employers, members and financial advisers who are considering a superannuation change.

The website placements comply with standards from the international advertising bureau (IAB) and offer animated and rotatable creative to ensure you can best convey your message to the market.

Advertising is available across SelectingSuper's desktop, tablet and mobile-friendly website.


SelectingSuper advertising

Recognising excellence

SelectingSuper AAA

Rainmaker SelectingSuper AAA Quality Assessment

The SelectingSuper AAA Quality Assessment logo has been a symbol of excellence among superannuation funds for more than two decades.

To achieve the AAA standard, each superannuation product is reviewed on an ongoing basis, rated across a range of benchmarks including organisational strength, administration, communications, investment mix, investment performance, fees, charges, investment processes, insurances and extra services offered.

Funds who have achieved this measure of excellence can licence the AAA logo and promote their successes to potential new members.

SelectingSuper Awards

Rainmaker SelectingSuper Awards

The Rainmaker SelectingSuper Awards recognise the best superannuation providers and industry leaders in Australia.

The SelectingSuper Awards and are the only awards powered by Rainmaker Information's research and data expertise.

Finalists and winners are selected from the premier superannuation funds and products that have earned the AAA Quality Assessment Rating, with the winners chosen across multiple categories, including the prestigious Fund of the Year Award.

Winners and finalists are encouraged to let their members know of their outstanding performance by licensing a SelectingSuper Awards logo, which can be used in external marketing communications.

SelectingSuper Top 10

SelectingSuper Top 10 logos

The SelectingSuper Top 10 logos are specifically designed to highlight core strengths of superannuation and retirement products to potential members.

Top 10 logos can be purchased across the Workplace, Personal and Retirement categories for strengths in service features that include returns, fees, insurance and extra benefits.

Online and via mobile app

Our comprehensive superannuation and retirement funds and products are at your fingertips on this device-responsive website and app.

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