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SelectingSuper celebrates the best superannuation funds in Australia. The SelectingSuper website is an educational tool for members, showcasing leading superannuation news, regulatory changes, tips and offerings to consumers, financial advisers and employers.

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Independent analysis of superannuation performance, fees and insurance.

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Be seen at the crucial moment when members, employers or advisers are making their superannuation decisions.

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SelectingSuper has been a trusted source of superannuation information for over 20 years.

The Good Super Guide

The Good Super Guide is a comprehensive annual print and digital resource for those interested in superannuation offerings and information.

The guide's is powered by Rainmaker Information's extensive data and research. It covers all vital elements for understanding superannuation, including fees, returns, insurance, MySuper, investments and tax. It also shows consumers how to compare products.

The guide is available in newsagents and bookstores and is also distributed to employers and advisers.

The Good Super Guide
Superannuation profiles

Superannuation funds can showcase product offerings to members, financial advisers and employers by including their profile on the SelectingSuper website, which is amplified through Money magazine’s The Good Super Guide, available in retail stores, online and on the Money app.

The profile provides detailed information of a fund to the 17% of Australians who change superannuation funds each year, as well as for their advisers. Having a profile will ensure your fund is a part of the conversation during the decision-making process.


The SelectingSuper website offers advertising placements so you can promote your fund or service to employers, members and financial advisers who are considering a superannuation change.

The website placements comply with standards from the international advertising bureau (IAB) and offer animated and rotatable creative to ensure you can best convey your message to the market.

Advertising is available across SelectingSuper's desktop, tablet and mobile-friendly website.

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Find out how SelectingSuper can help you connect with members, employers and advisers who are looking to change funds. Our Business Development team can take you through the profile and advertising opportunities that SelectingSuper offers.