The Superannuation Benchmarking Report provides a review of Australia's superannuation market, analysing performance and market share by asset class, membership and FUM. The report also includes research covering fees, insurance and more.

Who is the report for: The report is for superannuation funds to review their competitive positioning and support strategic decision making. Executive, strategy, product, marketing and investment team members can use the report to guide their planning and industry insights. Institutional investment managers can also utilise the report to support business development initiatives.

Contents of the Superannuation Benchmarking Report:

Research features:

Specialist features covering a unique topic each quarter, including:

  • Performance assessments of MySuper Lifecycle products across age groups
  • Superannuation fee study covering leading providers and fee breakdowns across balance sizes and product categories
  • Group insurance assessments of superannuation funds, including death and TPD, income protection, as well as review of claims and premiums
  • Superannuation ESG taxonomy study

Superannuation market:

Extensive analysis and league tables covering the number of funds, superannuation market assets, contribution breakdowns, largest funds by funds under management and membership, MySuper asset allocation, investment consulting market share and asset class share as well as investment mandate movements.

Platform market:

Researching the largest superannuation master trusts across corporate, personal and retirement products as well as the largest Exchange Traded Funds and Listed Investment Companies.

Financial adviser market:

League tables of the largest financial advice AFSLs and a breakdown of aligned and non-aligned AFSLs by the number of advisers.

Annual superannuation contributions ($): 2018-2023
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